Top 5 Heater Under 3000-5000 in India

Top 5 Heater Under 3000-5000 in India

Continuing our series of best room heaters available for purchase online in India, till now we have covered the following.

Today, we will be cover best room heaters under Rs. 5000 that can be purchased online. Room Heaters can be said to be the best invention made by mankind. In cold nights they can be a life saver and help us sleep better.


1. Warmex Superb Wall Mount 2000-Watt PTC Heater Fan (Black)

warmex superb wall

Warmex Superb Wall Mount 2000-Watt PTC Heater Fan is made to get rid of the heating stress during the winter season. It works effectively and efficient to use. This room heater is one of the best collections of Warmex with a perfect look as well as functions. It is capable of providing best room heating during the winter season. The power consumption command has a range starting from 1000 Watts/2000 Watts. It has a full function remote control which gives you a choice to select the temperature according to your

2. Baltra Pearl BTH115 2000-Watt Heater (Red)

This sleek designed heater is capable of keeping both your office and home warm in the chilly winters. It enables to adjust the heating conditions according to the outside weather. This Room heater consists of an LED display made from silver, and it’s all function control remote control helps you in managing temperature efficiently. Helps you to keep your home as well as office warmer the sizzling winters.

3. Warmex PTC 999-N 2000-Watt Tower Heater (Silver)

warmex ptc 999-n 2000-watt tower heater (silver)

This Warmex PTC 999-N 2000-Watt Tower Heater is excellently designed to provide you comfort and warmness while sleeping at night or during working. Warmex offers you an excellent collection of home appliances, and this heater is one amongst those products.

4. Usha FH 3212PTC 2000-Watt Fan Heater (Black)

usha fh 3212ptc 2000-watt fan heater (black)

Usha fan heater FH 3212 PTC is an electricity saving product with PTC Heating Element, which provides you additional safety. It has two heating locations 1200/2000 watts. This heater has Adjustable thermostat Oscillation Function Handle for portability inbuilt. It has two meters long ISI mark cord and also has a tip-over switch for safety. We provide you this product on 30% advance and balance on delivery. This room heater provides your room heating within minutes. The room heater has swing facility and has a switch around the backside. Capable of providing you excellent warmth during use.

5. SignoraCare 1500 Watts 2 rods Oscillating Heat Pillar

signoracare 1500 watts 2 rods oscillating heat pillar

Signoracare 1500 Watts 2 rods Oscillating Heat Pillar have Full Size Heat Pillar and energy efficient two sticks with Oscillatory mode. This product made from Stainless Steel Body and low power consumption. It has a chrome plate body and perfectly designed Parabolic Reflector. For keeping its outer body cools A 4 Inch Propeller Fan is present in it. The Technical Specifications of this product are Power: 1 Tube 750 Watts, 2 Tube 1500 Watts, Voltage: 220-230 V/Ac, 50Hzoscillation. Its fan has speeded 10 C.M. Propeller with 2400 R.P.M., Speed: 5.8 R.P.M. The room heater provides you the Guarantee of 1 Year. An easy to use and efficient product to use in winter.

We hope that we helped you in some way in choosing the best heater for your home, please let us know which one did you choose and why in the comment section below.