Top 10 Electric Heating Blankets in India

Top 10 Electric Heating Blankets in India

Who does not want to feel hot during the cold & chilly weather? Normal blankets take some time to get warm with our body heat but these heating blankets makes it easier to go to bed in those chilly nights. Electric or heating blankets are not a new concept in India, but until now only elite people have been using it. Thanks to online marketplace such as flipkart & amazon these products are now comfortably delivered to everyone in India.

Most of these electric heating blanket in India have removable connecter & are excellent to use for diabetics or arthrities patients. They consume relatively less electricity to other room heating options. These heating blankets are also suitable for pain reduction in elbow, wrist or back pain etc.

Many choices are available in the market, we have chosen some of the best available electric heating blankets online in India which you can buy:

1. Expressions Electric Bed Warmer – Electric Under Blanket – 150cms x 80cms

It’s not like other blankets as it is capable to provide you Health hygiene throughout in use. Capable to produce heat and is safe and comfortable in use. This product is capable to provide intense heat. Soothing and you can use it overnight comfortably. It comes with safety features as it is capable in trapping the heat. You can use this product constantly for 10 hours. Efficient in consuming electricity. This electric blanket to provide you the feature of warming your bed. Its quiet simple and suitable to use. In order to conquer the cold this winter it is an excellent product to use.

2. JSB H06 Electric Heating Blanket

1 JSB H06 Electric Heating Blanket

With this electric blanket you can say goodbye to your cold beds. This is the most  economical way to keep yourself warm in cold weather. It comes with equal distribution of heat, it also include water proof & long lasting heating element. It has teflon coated wiring so it protects against overheat. It is well insulated on both sides for complete safety of the user. It is extremely useful for arthritics and diabetic patients. It comes with 3 temperature settings. It usually retails between Rs. 1400- Rs 1500 at amazon India.


3. Pindia Single Bed Heating Electric Blanket Polar Fleece – 150 X 80 Cm Beige

3 Pindia Single Bed Heating Electric Blanket Polar Fleece - 150 X 80 Cm Beige

OBD 305 electrical blanket is suitable to use and includes a removable connector. This blanket is not like an ordinary blanket and also capable to provide health hygiene while using. Includes a removable connector and may be dried in a tumble dryer. Capable to produce moderate heat. The blanket is convenient to provide you intense heat. Gives soothing heat and you can use it comfortably overnight. You can avoid the body burns by following the safety features. One can constantly use it for 10 hours. The characteristic makes it comfortable, relaxable and efficient to use. It is efficient in electricity use. An excellent to buy product in order to say good bye to cold this winter this product is perfect choice.

4. Home Elite Bed Warmer – Electric Under Blanket – Single Bed – 150cms X 80cms

Helpful product in removing coolness from your beds during winter season. This product is an economic easy to carry and use as well as handiest way to keep you warm. You can use this overnight and is convenient to use upto 10 hours. Helpful to use for diabetics or Arthritis patients. Capable in providing you effective heat and its size is also small which makes it easy to carry and use. An excellent product in order to keep yourself warm during the whole winter.

5. Comfort Single Bed Electric Blanket – Single

It provides you the overheat protection system. This product is made up of merino wool.Capable to fit between the sheets or within the duvet cover. Includes simple temperature settings and you can use it comfortably overnight without facing any inconvenience. You should switch off the blanket while getting out, it does not auto switch off. Its 4 digital control helps you in choosing the right mode for you while minimizing the electrically consumption. You can use it to make your evening warmer and provides you moderate to intense heat and is also safe to use. Guarantees you a soothing heat experience and easy to use as well carry.

6. Pindia Superior Double Bed Automatic Temprature Control With Timer Heating Electric Blanket Splush

6 Pindia Superior Double Bed Automatic Temprature Control With Timer Heating Electric Blanket Splush

This product is off white in color and convenient to use and made for double bed. The Size of this product is: 160 X 140 CM Bed and consume electricity: 120 W. Having Double Automatic Temperature Control with timer build stuff. Prevents you from wrestling with hefty electric blankets that keeps sliding off. Helps to get rid of all the worries related to coolness of winter. You can use this blanket safely underneath the bedsheet on the matress.These features make protecting to its life. It reduces the moisturizer level of your room and you will have no need for heat pillars or radiators which are harmful for your respiratory system and increases your electrically bills. Its excellent to use for old people, people of Arthritis age or patients suffering from backache problems. It’s easy to carry and use product.

7. Warmland Single Bed Electric Bed Warmer – 60 x 30 inch

This product is comfortable for those people who like to have a comfortable and warm sleep during the cold winter season. Capable to protect from sinus trouble, allergies and help to keep pressure. Also treats specific health problems along with giving you sufficient warmness and general relaxation. It’s a perfect choice for the people suffering from arthritis, diabetics and fibromyalgia. Relieves from stiffness and muscle tension by creating heat. Capable to improve easiness and muscle nutrition by raising blood circulation in the muscles. The color of this blanket is brown and is insulated from both sides that ensure you safe use. Having an autocut feature in order to provide you security. Its long lasting heating elements enable it to distribute heat evenly. Provides you 5 year replacement warranty from the date of purchase. An easy to use and comfortable product to use in winters.

8. Pindia Single Bed Heating Electric Blanket Polar Fleece

This product is Blue in color and good to use for single beds. Its Size is: 150 X 80 CM. Consumes power 60W. Control: SINGLE 0 Away – 1 Low – 2 High Built. Made up of Polar Fleece that is washable. Provides you safety from electric burns as having a booklet which awairs you from the safety steps to be taken. Protects you from facing the cold winter nights with discomfort.PINDIA Electric Blanket can be used on the mattress securely underneath your bedsheet. This helps to get it shielded from dust and increases the life of this blanket. So forget to use the heat pillars and radiators which not only damage your respiratory system by reducing the moisturizing level of your room but also increase your electrical bills. Excellent to use for the people who are suffering from the problem of old age, arthritis and backache. Easy to carry anywhere with you and useful during the cooling winters.

9. Pindia Double Bed Heating Electric Blanket – White – 160 x 140 cm

9 Pindia Single Bed Washable Heating Electric Blanket With Detachable Controller

This product consumes power 60 W and polyester washable. Prevents you from using heavy blankets during winter in order to keep the sliding off. PINDIA electric blankets can be used securely underneath the bedsheet on your mattress which prevents it from dust and increases the life of this blanket. There is no need to use heat columns or radiators which increases your electricity bills and also harms your respiratory system. Also helps to protect it from dust and adds the life of this blanket because it doesn’t reduce the moisture level of your room. Also provides benefit to old people, excellent to use for patients of arthritis or backache. Easy to carry and use product during winters.

10. Winter Care Electric Under Blanket for Double Bed – 60 x 60 inch

During coolest winters it gives you warmthness and comfort specially in night when the coolness increases in your surroundings. These blankets are made in India and are designed according to the standard bed sizes available in india. Sleeping with a warm bed in cold room has proved better for the health of people. These blanket includes 4 stage heat controller to get the desired temperature. It consumes low electricity and is washable in washing machine. Being insulated with teflon it is 100 % safe for use. It comes with double controller.

We hope that above list of electric bed warmers would have helped you in choosing the right electric blanket. Let us know which one you find the best and why?