Philips body grooming PH – QG3342

7 Best Philips Grooming Kit For Men To Buy Online

Grooming kit is a good way of keeping yourself at the very best of your look, and be presentable all the time. If you want that tough look with a bit of stubble, then also it needs proper trimming from time to time and for that you need to keep in handy the best grooming kit so that you can nail the look to perfection. If you are wondering that why only Philips and not any other brands, then here is a quick answer for your question and that is Philips have done business since time immemorial and the electronic devices that it provides its users are simple the best.

The products are durable and stylish looking too. You will be able to use these small grooming kits in cordless manner as well, but for that you have to make sure that you have charged it well beforehand. The grooming kit has become a necessity for all men because it serves many purposes and ensures that they look good when they step out. Impressive looks can be gained through this Philips men’s grooming kit. Just go through the list of 10 best Philips Grooming Kit for men and take your pick.

1).Philips QG3383 7-1 Multi-Grooming Pro

Philips QG3383 7-1 multi-grooming pro


If you are looking for something which will help you groom you from head to toe then you can purchase this Philips Grooming Kit for Rs. 3311. You will be made available with trimmer to get that detailed trimmed beard or if you want to get clean shave then also you can do that easily with the help of this device. Bored of the same beard and want to try some new look, then the metal guard that is present on the trimmer will help you style your beard the way you want it. Different combs for beard, mustache, body trimming and eyebrow are present as well.

2).Philips QG3343 7-1 Multigrooming Kit 

Philips QG3343 7-1 multigrooming kit


At Rs. 2996 you will get a stylish looking multigrooming kit which will enhance your personality by changing the way you manage your beard or mustache. You will be made available with beard comb and stubble comb as well. It is user friendly so the attachment that comes with this easily fits in the machine without any major hitches. The sharp blades ensure that you get complete neat shaving and the rounded tips protect your skin from irritations. It is fully waterproof and it also comes with ear and nose trimmer along with a foil shaver for perfect shaving.

3).Philips 3320/15 41 Multigrooming Kit

Philips 3320 15 4-1 multigrooming kit


For just Rs. 2240 you will be buying yourself a grooming kit which will ensure that you get to style your beard everyday without getting any cut or scratch on your skin. It is 100% waterproofs therefore you can easily keep the blades clean and shaving will be a much more enjoyable experience now. Easy styling can be done with the help of this kit which comes with trimmer and blades that are skin friendly. Nose trimmer is also there along with 18 different length settings.

4).Philips QG3333 51 Multigrooming Kit 

Philips QG3333 5-1 multigrooming kit


This shaving kit for men is priced at Rs. 2695 and comes with various settings. You will get fine detailed trimmer with a full sized one and also a foil shaver in this grooming kit. Beard comb and stubble comb are there along with round blade which will help you in giving you a close shave without irritation. Blades are of Chromium Steel and are self sharpening so that it can provide you with neat and clean shave every time you use it. 10 hours of full charging will facilitate 35 minutes of cordless usage and as it is water resistant, therefore you can use it without any stress.

5).Philips All In One Head To Multigroomer QG3387 Trimmer

Philips all in one head to toe Multigroomer QG3387


The look is sleek and you will get a close shave at Rs. 3649. It is an overall grooming kit which will provide you with a hair clipper comb, body groom shaver, 10 settings of body comb, stubble comb, beard comb, detail trimmer, nose trimmer and many more. As it is completely water resistant, therefore you can use it in the shower as well and that way you will be saving a lot of time as well. Turbo mode is available for better performance, but the best part is that it only takes 1 hour to charge completely and after that you will be able to use it for as much as 50 minutes almost.

6).Philips Body Grooming PH – QG3342 Trimmer

Philips body grooming PH – QG3342

This body grooming kit is priced at Rs. 3600 and the waterproof feature makes it even more user friendly. You will get different grooming tools that are perfect for any kind of beard that you have to start from stubble to long beards or goatee or even a mustache. Detail trimmer is there to help your stubble back in shape along with nose trimmer, beard comb; hair clipper comb, etc. are available in the storage box that comes with it. It also has a user manual which will be of great help if you are in some kind of confusion about how to use the settings.

7).Philips BT9280 Trimmer Men


Philips BT9280 trimmer Men


This laser guided trimmer of the beard will cost you Rs. 7495. It has almost 1 hour of runtime and length settings of 17 in number. It also has LED display and you can use it with the cord or without the cord as well. With the help of length lock you will be able to get your beard trimmed up to the length of your choice. The shortest length that you can set for the trimmer is 0.4 mm detailing comb is made available along with beard comb. The rounded blades sharpen itself through the process of shaving, but are safe enough to save you from accidental cuts.


All in one head to toe grooming kit is just the right choice if you are just looking conscious and want to be always at your very best.