Best 8 Full Body Massagers in India

Best 8 Full Body Massagers in India

To remove toxic substances from your body body massage is an excellent and oldest way. Full Body Massager keeps your body and skin soft and keeps it shining brightly. A good body massage gives relief from stress, muscle pains, improves blood circulation, nourishes skin, loses weight and detoxifies your body. Good body massager protects you from muscle spasms and sprains and also helps you to sleep well. Though it would be wrong to compare the full body massager with a spa massage but the cost effectiveness of full body massager certainly makes it a necessary accessory for every household. The whole body massager really is a blessing for everyone.

Now we all know how full body massagers usually work, they provide you different  types  of movements combined to use superficially after which it deeper into the body’s tissues, producing incredible benefits that positively effects on your body. We have combined a list of full body massagers available in India under Rs. 1000

Best Full Body Massagers in India

1. Dolphine infrared hammer full body massager with 3 attachment body slimmer excell


This massager gives you three functions that are infrared ray, magnetic therapy & hammering massage. The infrared rays provide your body relief as infrared ray’s works on the surface of your body and gives heat and the massage result evenly on your body. It improves your metabolism and strengthens the working of your blood vessels. The plastic used in this massager is high-tech, and you can select the speed of massaging according to your need as it gives you the sped adjustment feature.

2. Manipol Body Massager Very Powerful whole Body Massager Reduces weight and fat

4 Manipol Body Massager Full Body Muscles Relief Fat Burning |

This product provides you the easiest way to massage your body, and get relaxed from any stress. The manipol whole body massager gives a powerful massage that gives you rid from pain and relaxes your muscles. It is a light weight, handy and easy to access product. It helps to give you good health as well strength. It contributes to keeping you stay fit and active in your life.

3. Ozomax Full Body Magnetic Professional Massager 17 in 1 Electric Massage

3 Ozomax Full Body Magnetic Professional Massager 17 in 1 Electric Massage

Ozomax full body magnetic professional massager gives you a dual speed option to massage according to your need either slow or quick massage. It provides relief to your body from physical and mental tiredness, stress and pain. It gives relax to your muscles after use. Contains  17 different fasteners that make it comfortable to use the product. It provides you powerful massage functions and has a beautifully designed product. It’s excellent to use house health care product that relaxes your muscles and provides you relief from pain. You can also use it for physiotherapy purpose. It helps to improve your blood circulation. This massager has 17 different attachments that help it to operate smoothly. An Excellent to use the product for the sports personalities.

4. Varichlotus Dolphin Vibration Full Body Massager Pain Relief Muscle Relax

5 Varichlotus Dolphin Vibration Full Body Massager Pain Relief Muscle Relax |

Varichlotus dolphin vibration full body massager burns your fat, increases the blood flow in your body and reduces your muscle pain. It is designed for magnetic therapy. This product is useful to use in back pain, muscle pain and also works as a body massager for your body. If compared to the function it is an affordable product to buy.

5. Mimo Mini Vibration Full Body Massager (Color May Vary)

6 Mimo Mini Vibration Full Body Massager (Color May Vary)

Simple, easy & cheap full body massager. This massager works on battery and gives you relief from back pain. It is safe to use, an effective and reliable product that is capable of providing you quick relief from your pain.  You can use it on your full body as it is a full body massager. You can use it while traveling, in home or office as it is easy to use and carry the product  with weight 100 Gms. It increases the circulation of blood in your body.  It has a high-performance vibrator that provides best massage effect.

6. Unique Gadget Mini 3D Handheld Full Body Massage Slimmer

7 Unique Gadget Mini 3D Handheld Full Body Massage Slimmer

Unique Gadget Mini 3D Handheld Full Body Massage Slimmer is capable of providing you relaxing massaging in the home. It enables you to use it anytime without wasting your time and money to visit a spa. Its discs are made using a serrated surface of semi-stiff silicone. A better product for  removing cellulite and flaccidity, arousing the return circulation, toning muscles, lymphatic drainage, volume reduction, soothing back aches, sciatica and lumbago. It also prevents you from anxiety and other type of problems relating to health like pain, skin problems, etc.  You can use it conveniently by plugging it into a power socket. It is perfect for removing fat causing and lack of firmness sparking the return circulation, toning muscles, carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. It helps you in weight reduction, soothing back aches, relieves from  back pain and pain in the muscles and lower joints of back etc. It has a Universal charger, fit for global use, covering 100-240V, 50-60Hz . It has a Soft hand-belt which makes it comfortable to use.

7. Easy Deal India Dolphin Body Massager

8 Easy Deal India Dolphin Body Massager | |

Easy deal India dolphin body massager is a vibrating and long distance infrared rays. It provides your body infrared warming heat treatment and is designed for overworked or people suffering from diminished blood gas. Relaxes the muscle pain and has two vibration speeds low and high. It also has three changeable massage heads for diverse parts ball, spot and brush.  It has automated Heat features for making reliable protection.  It is attractive in design and as compared to other product in its range its cheaper in price.

8. Magic massager by Arogya

9 MAGIC MASSAGER by Arogya |

Magic massager by Arogya has eight attachment choices which give choice to its user. It is a well-designed hand held product that relaxes your nerves and stiffs muscles and stimulates the pressure points.  It provides you enhanced blood flow. Its high-frequency points massage your brain points and remove the feeling of tiredness and uncomfort. It provides you relaxation from stress as well as pain.


Above are some of the best cost effective full body massagers available in India. We hope you will be able to find the one you are looking. Please let us know in comments which full body massager you chose