tunturi printed yoga mat

Best Yoga Mat Under Rs 2500

If you want to stay fit and healthy then it is important that you do some exercise. But there are many who don’t like going to the gym and sweating it out so for all those people yoga seems to fit the bill perfectly. Yoga is a form of meditation as well because it needs full concentration otherwise it won’t be beneficial for you. While you are doing any yoga step then you have to keep in mind that you will have to get the posture right.

There are several postures in yoga and it is beneficial for weight loss as well as gain. Yoga is also a great source of stress buster as well, therefore if you are depressed due to something, then it is best that you turn to yoga for healing. Now when you know the Yoga can heal almost anything and everything, then it is essential that you do it properly. In order to ease out the process you need to choose the correct map which will facilitate your yoga practice. Here are some of the best yoga mats that to under Rs. 2500.

Gravolite Premium Yoga Mat (Blue 5MM)

Gravolite  Yoga Mat

This mat is priced at Rs. 510 and is easy to clean and is light enough to carry out also. You won’t get any odor on regular usage and as it is completely smell free therefore you can keep it anywhere in your house. It comes with Superior shock absorption to make your workout a smooth and comfortable one. The EVA foam is filled up in the mat to provide you with some extra safety. The water durability feature is a good one which will ensure that it is durable enough and maintain a high longevity.

Silver’s Yoga Mat

silver yoga mat


If you have a friend who is planning to start practicing yoga for a long time, then you can take the initiative of gifting her the Yoga mat which comes at just Rs. 518. The best thing is that now you can buy yoga mat online for lower prices. This Yoga mat has textured surface and is durable enough. Due to its lightweight you can easily carry it to any place you want. You can start your workout in the park if you like; moreover, you don’t have to worry about the tear and wear on the mat because it is built of top quality which supports rough use easily.

Vector X PVC Yoga Mat

vector x pvc yoga mat


For just Rs. 603 you will be getting washable, non slip yoga mat which will only facilitate your work out even better. It is equally compatible for the beginners as well as the experts. When you are just starting off the chances of wear and tear are more as compared to when you become an expert, but the mat is durable enough to stand the test of time. It is completely portable because of the light weight. It is good enough to provide you with the grip that is required when you are doing some toughest postures.

Gravolite Premium Yoga Mat

gravolite premium yoga mat

This one will cost you Rs. 1425 and comes with a complete cover along with a handle which will help you in carrying the mat on your back like a bag. The shock absorption feature enables you to try some tough postures without worrying about getting hurt. This EVA foam filled mat will support you and will save you from getting injured. Cleaning is easy and so is storing. The odor free and smell free mat can be stored in any corner of the house without worrying about messing up the environment with bad odor.

Cofit Yoga Mat

cofit yoga mat


The color of this mat is grass green and as we all know that color has a soothing and calming effect on us therefore when we see green then it automatically brighten up our mood. This one is priced at Rs. 532 and is ideal for any exercise that is floor based. The Rubber base material provides you with enough grips to successfully complete even the toughest of postures. If you have joined a yoga class, then it will be a perfect companion for you, and it will facilitate your yoga session by protecting you from injuries. Moreover, this is easy to clean so in case you have been practicing yoga outdoors and it has picked up some dirt on the way, then you can readily clean it up and dry it completely for the next usage.

Gravolite Economy Yoga Mat

gravolite economy yoga mat

As the name suggests it is really economic one which is priced at only Rs. 367. So if you have just started out and don’t want to invest much on a yoga mat, then you can definitely try this one. It has all the necessary features that you will be looking for in a good yoga mat and not only that, it also provides you with shock absorbent so that you do not get hurt while practicing any posture. Yoga is not that simple so there are chances that you might hurt yourself in the process and that is the reason people look for yoga mat which provides them with enough grip and in case if they fall then the foam filling will save them from getting injured badly. Both the features are available on this mat and even the cleaning is simple too.

Proline Yoga Mat With Shrink 

Proline Yoga Mat with Shrink


You can now get the Yoga mat online and the best part of shopping online is that the sites provide extra discount therefore even the costliest items become easily within your reach and budget. The cushioning is enough to provide you protection from the injuries that can be part of the yoga practice when you are starting out or even when you have become an expert. This mat is priced at Rs. 981 and helps you get a good grip during the workout. It is printed therefore it looks good too apart from being useful.

Tunturi Printed Yoga Mat

tunturi printed yoga mat


This fitness mat is a good one for people who are trying to start their yoga session as it is printed and provides a feel good factor for Rs. 915. It won’t let you slip off because of the slip resistant designing moreover, it makes your yoga practice a comfortable one. The prints that it comes with are beautiful and facilitate your yoga training session even better. For people who find it hard to get themselves motivated to start exercising this kind of printed and comfortable mat will help them in taking the first step towards starting a healthy life through yoga.


If you want to try out economical yoga mat before going in for some real good ones, then the Gravolite economy mat is the best one that you can get. Once you are used in the mat and want to really go for the professional one, then the premium yoga mat will be perfectly fit for you.