Zebronics Stereo Bluetooth ZEB – BH5000 Wireless Headset

11 Best Wireless Headphones Under Rs 10000

Headphones can either enhance or destroy the feel of the music. Therefore, when you are selecting a headphone it is important that you select the one which will make the music sound even better. Headphones were covered a long journey and have reached the stage where it is now with some amazing designs and sound clarity. Now with wireless headphone available under INR 10000 everybody can enjoy good music.

Not only have the headphones impressed the users with their design but they have also provided comfort to the ears and customization features to enhance the listening experience. While selecting wireless headphones ensure that it is light on your ears and have all the features that will make the music listening experience of yours an enjoyable one. Here we are mentioning some of the best wireless headphone available under 10000.

1).Byte Corseca BT Stereo Headset



You can have this cool headset for just Rs. 1399. This black stereo headset has inbuilt microphone along with music controls like Play or Pause and it has skip control too. Byte Corseca is not that heavy as it weighs just about 72 g so when you are not listening to music, then also you can keep it hung around the neck. You can easily fold it therefore, while travelling you can easily place it in a small bag. The Bluetooth range is that of 10 meters, so while at home, you can just put this on and enjoy music anywhere you move around.

2).Philips SHC1300 Wireless Headphones



This comes with good padding so that it doesn’t hurt your ears when you are using it for long hours. This closed headphone is worth INR 1999 but the only thing is that it is not compatible with every model. In case of the Blackberry it is only compatible with Bold 9790 and for Sony Ericsson it’s just Xperia Neo V. Therefore, while purchasing this headset you must go through the compatible list. It is a bit heavier with the weight of 142 g but the operating time of 15 hours compensates everything.  The headphone frequency response is that of 18 Hz to 20000 Hz

3).DigiFlip HP011 Headphones


If you are looking for headphones for PC, then you can definitely try this option. DigiFlip HP011 blue headphone is now available at INR 1499. It is soft on your ears and the design is great. Moreover, you can easily fold it making it even more portable. The fabric that is used outside is fashionable and the cushioning is done all throughout. This provides you the comfort that you are looking for in a headset. 3.5 m jack available to set up the connection with PC or Laptop or even your mobile phone and the microphone helps in making voice calls as well. It can be termed as a multipurpose headset with great looks and excellent sound quality.

4).iBall WR 621 Wireless headphones



This black and silver over the ear wireless headphone provides you with clear sound at INR 1355 only. The battery life is excellent and the build is quite good. It comes with volume control, power on and off button, tuning and reset button. Cordless FM is part of the headset and you can easily use it as the wireless headphones for TV or for your laptop, music system, DVD players, etc. The in-built FM Radio comes with digital tuning and the clear signal reception enables you to listen to good music without any disturbances.

5).Zebronics Stereo Bluetooth ZEB – BH5000 Wireless Headset

Zebronics Stereo Bluetooth ZEB – BH5000 Wireless Headset


This cool looking small piece of white headset will cost you INR 1440. Though it is not free from flaws, but then again, you can say it has more about pros than cons. To start with, it provides music to your ears as it has excellent sound quality with Bass does its rick. The charging process is really very fast so you will not be away from music for long. Easy pairing with Android ICS and versions above that is possible. It can also be paired with your PC as well without any hitches. The problem with this headset is that it runs out of battery life pretty soon and the call quality is not up to the mark.

6).Byte Corseca BT Stereo Headset


It comes from the flagship of Dell with a price range of INR 2850. Noise cancellation is a great feature that it has because when you are outside then in the absence of noise cancellation feature you will listen to everything other than music. It will provide you with amazing sound quality and it is so loud that you can use the headset as speaker. Connectivity provided by the headset is quite good and the frequency range is also excellent. Being a wireless headset it is already portable, but to make things even easier for you Dell has made it foldable too. Now it will fit in anywhere you want.

7).HP H8000 Wireless Headset

hp-h8000 wireless

This HP wireless headset comes with a microphone making it easier for you to enjoy video calling. The headset frequency Response is between 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. The volume control is on the headset only so you don’t need to each out for something else while adjusting the volume. Battery life is said to provide 10 hours and with the weight of 150 gm it will make you feel the weight a tad bit. It is comfortable on your ears because of the extra soft cushioning that is provided. HP has priced this closed headset device at INR 2492.

8).TAG Bluetooth BH23 Wireless Headset

TAG Bluetooth BH-23 Wireless

If you are looking for an ideal headset, then it must be lightweight, comfortable on your ears, must have quality speakers, noise cancellation feature and music controls. TAG provides you with all these and much more at a price range of INR 1799. This Bluetooth headphone is good for voice calls on Skype as well. It is compatible with almost all the Smartphones which has Bluetooth facilities. You can wear it for the whole day without feeling the burnt and while listening if someone calls you then you will be able to accept calls with the touch of a single button. Even toggling between the lists of tracks has been made easy by introducing a single button for that.

9).Amkette Trubeats Air 2.4 Wireless Headset

Amkette Trubeats Air 2.4


The wireless headphones for PC have a new name in the form of Amkette Trubeats Air 2.4 Wireless Headset. Reasonable priced at INR 2400 it provides you with features like noise cancellation, which has become a necessity in any standard headset. This wireless headset works just fine within the range of 10 meters. 500 mAh Lithium ion battery provides enough power to make this headset work for longer hours. It is light and portable and is quite comfortable on your ears. The soft padding ensures that your ears don’t hurt and for that even soft padding is provided.

10).DGB R12 Wireless Micro SD + FM Wireless Headphones


At only INR 999 this amazing, smart piece of headset will provide you with great music for all you music lovers. It is easily paired with computers and the decoding chip of MP3 ensures that you listen to all your favorite songs in one place. It is highly comfortable and is highly adjustable with extra cushioning for that extra comfort. 360 degree sound available without wires and with unique spring made available in the design it helps in holding up the device and don’t let it slip out. Up to 8 hours of music playback is possible and if you are listening to FM radio then you can do that for 6 hours.

11).iDance Blue 100BL Headset


Don’t go by the name the product is quite good at a price of INR 2899. This wireless headset performs quite well and with advanced noise cancellation, you will be able to enjoy nothing but good music. The wireless range is said to be 10 meters, but you can roam around a little further without any problem. Sound clarity is good and as it comes with in-inbuilt microphone, therefore, you can enjoy voice calls with it as well.


Headsets must be light on your ears and noise cancellation is also a must so keeping everything in mind you can go for the Byte Corseca headset. It is light on your pocket as well as on your ears.