10 Best Philips DVD Players Under Rs 10000

If you are planning to get yourself a DVD player then do make it a point to visit online for your research and for making a purchase out there. Online shopping is the best thing to do now because it has a plethora of options for you. If you are looking for a particular brand like Philips then also you will get plenty of options out there and the best thing is that when you shop online, you don’t have to carry the product yourself instead it will be delivered right there at your doorstep.

You will get the best DVD players from Philips under 10000 online without any difficulty. Philips is one name in the electronics industry that has been doing business for years with unmatched success, therefore it makes sense that you purchase the Philips DVD player. Other than that even Sony and Mitashi are also doing good business. Here are some names that are considered to be performing well in the market.

1).Philips DVP3618/94 DVD Player

philips dvd player 361894


At INR 2799 you will be bringing in home a box full of entertainment. It is slim and well designed with great functions that will enhance your viewing experience. This small little entertainment package is compatible with almost everything starting from CD, DVD to MP3 and JPEG formats. It has ProReader drive which ensures that you have uninterrupted viewing even when the disc is scratched. Even the sound quality is quite good and it comes out clear without any distortion. Only 10 W of power is used while playing any video. If you have kids then it is best to have the child lock mode activated so that you can keep them away from operating it and it also has parental locks to help you out.

2).Sony DVP – SR660P DVD Player

sony dvd player sr 660p



If you are looking for a stylish looking DVD player that will make your movie viewing experience a memorable one then you can go for the Sony DVD player. This particular model of Sony will cost you around INR 2800 but the features that you will get in this are worth more than that. Multi disc resume feature enables resuming of a movie a fast and easy matter. USB connectivity is available along with multi – format and disc playback along with features like video equalizer, child lock and settings of TV screen 16:9 aspect ratio. The Remote is also made available in the box for easy access along with warranty card.

3)Sony DVP – SR370 DVD Player

sony dvp player sr 370


It is considered to be quite versatile in its nature and as it is dust proof therefore it makes sure that it is highly durable. In order to make this device your own you have to dish out INR 2340 inclusive of all taxes. It plays your videos and also music of any format. USB connectivity enables that you can connect an external hard disc directly and view your content on big screen without any hitches. Battery, AV cable and remote are packed in the box for your advantage.

4).Sony DVPSR760 HP DVD Player

sony dvp sr 760 hp


Sony is known to provide its users with better quality picture and at INR 3900 you are getting the best deal with this device. It comes with Full HD 1080p support and up to 6 multi-discs resume function which helps the DVD player to resume the screening very smoothly. USB port enables you to plug in any external hard disc. 5 digit LED display feature is a good option in here.

5).Philips DVP 3688 DVD Player



This Philips DVD player price is INR 3799 including all taxes. It will provide you with full HD support and also comes with convertor which converts to Analog from Digital video that is 12 bit. Then the sound quality that it provides is that of Dolby digital with a frequency response of 30 Hz to 20000 Hz. Even surround sound feature is made available for you in this device. Almost all formats including MP3, WMA and PCM are played in this DVD player.

6).Mitashi Strom DVD Player


Don’t be fooled by the price of just INR 1990 as this device has some quite good features. Even the look is impressive as it is small but stylish. It weighs only 2 kg therefore it is not that heavy and you can easily use it as a portable device. You have the power on and off button right there at the side of the DVD player. The MP3 format is also supported so you will be able to play music also comfortably. It has this amazing power resume feature which helps the player to resume where it was left during power cut. Sound and picture quality is really good in here.

7).Philips BDP5600 Blu-Ray Player


This one is near the 10000 mark with the price of INR 9999. It is stylish and sleek and with Wi-Fi support it is worth every penny. It is as the name suggests a Blu- Ray player with display resolution of 1920 X 1080. It can easily convert from Analog video to digital without any major hitches. It also supports 3D viewing along with Full HD support. Deep color makes the movie viewing experience a rich one. Dolby digital sound enhances the movie viewing experience even better. You can rotate, zoom and slideshow easily with Music playback feature. Multiple on screen display languages ranges from Czech, Danish to Spanish, French and almost every language including English.

8).Philips BDP2100 Blu-Ray Player



With INR 6040 you will be setting your hands on one of the best pieces around here with amazing features. In the box you will get a user manual which will help you in getting things going in case you are stuck somewhere. It fits into TV screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and display resolution of 1920 X 1080. It has full HD support with progressive scan and parental control is also made available for you. The weight is around 1.25 kg so you can move it around easily. The connectivity features include USB 2.0, HDMI Output along with subtitle support.

9).Philips BDP3480 Blu Ray Player


You will get this stylish looking DVD player at INR 7740. It has a display resolution of 1920 X 1080 and convertor which can convert to analog from digital at 12 Bit. It comes with different aspect ratio of 4:3, 21:9 and 16:9 and this one also supports 3D viewing. It can play any format ranging from MPEG 2, MPEG 4, MPEG 1 along with various playback modes of Skip, slow forward, Menu, Pause, Standard Play, resume playback, reverse and zoom apart from other features.

10).Philips BDP2180 Blu – ray Player



INR 6450 is not a bad price for this amazing DVD player from Philips. In here you will get image enhancement features like rotate, zoom, etc., along with night mode with sound enhancement. This mode adjusts itself when the light goes off making your movie viewing experience a pleasurable one. Progressive scan is there for video enhancement and with playback modes like play, reverse, forward, skip, zoom, pause and repeat it is hard to find something to complain about. Even the weight is not that much with only 1.25 kg.


If you are a Hollywood movie buff, then it will be wise of you to go for the Mitashi Strom DVD Player because of the quality of screening it provides. If you are looking for good movie viewing experience, then Sony is a great option and Philips will be good for 3D viewing experience. Now, depending on your preference and budget you can take your pick accordingly.