10 Best Headphones Under Rs 2000

You might be fond of the music, but what if you are sitting in the crowd and you have a mood of listening the music? You will try to find out the best headphones for you. But, there are many headphones in the market which doesn’t deliver you the crystal clear sound, and then you will try to find out the best of the lot. Now, you have to look out for the headphones which suit the pocket with many features. So, here is the list of best headphones under 2000 which will deliver you the many features and also it will fit into your budget.

If you want to sink into the feel of mesmerizing music, then choose the headphones which suits your budget as well it deliver the best features to you. Since, there are varying frequency ranges, impedances, and soft cushions which will help you to listen the music at various notes. The cable length offers you the option to enjoy the music from the far end. The tangle free cable allows you to have the headphones for longer duration, so that the wires don’t break. So, all these features are in these headphones mentioned below:

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1).JBLT250SI On-ear Headphone



JBLT250SI On-ear Headphone is the lightweight headphones with the maximum comfort. This headphone is designed to achieve the maximum comfort, as the ear cups are so soft and flexible you can enjoy the music in high quality. It has high power drivers for the powerful bass music. Also, it has 3.5mm jack which can be used in any type of device.

2).Skullcandy 2xI phase white


Skullcandy 2xI phase white is the different headphone with the striking features. The stylish design of this headphone is more than enough to grab the eyes of the user. The 3.5 mm gold plated design will attract the users. Also, it has 1.2m cable length to allow you to hear the music from the far end of the device. It has 32 ohm impedance and 20 to 20000 Hz frequency range, which will allow you to enjoy the music in any frequency range.

3).Sony MDR XB-450 Extra Bass Foldable Headphones


Sony MDR XB-450 Extra Bass Foldable Headphones have the impeccable features such as Swivel folding Design, Tangle Free Flat Serration Cord, Pressure Relieving Ear pads, diaphragm, PET, Dynamic type, stereo mini plug. It has the wired connectivity so it depends on your mood, whether you want to hear the music from wire or wireless. You can enjoy it anytime in any attire.

4).Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones – supports wireless music streaming and hands free calling



Kinivo BTH240 is the best selling Bluetooth headphones available in the market at recent times. It includes Micro USB charging feature as well as increased battery life, noise suppression, and echo cancellation. You can pair this device with 5 other devices at the same time. It has the sleek new design and the 10 hours charging feature. This device is portable as it is light weight and it offers hands free calling.

5).Skullcandy Uprock S5URFZ-033 supreme sound On-Ear Headphone



Skullcandy has brought you the exciting headphone with many important features to enjoy the music for the street gang. The 40mm ear exciters, tangle free cables, mixed material for extra machismo, and the Uprock boosts. It allows you the high, lows, vocals, bass, and treble features to use it and have the mesmerizing feel of the music always.

6).JBL Purebass T300A with Mice stereo On-Ear Headphone



JBL Purebass T300A is the best headphones under 2000 which offers robust 40mm drivers for the JBL audio clarity. It has many good features and the sleek design where the eye grabbing feature will force you to buy the headphones. It has single button which can be used as remote to swap between calls and music.

7).Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Binaural Over-Ear Headphone



Sennheiser HD201 is the light weight and the alternative headphones for the costly headphones, which offers the highest quality sound at the lowest prices. It offers great clarity which other headphones at this rate will not offer you. This headphone offers great attenuation of ambient noise and the maximum comfort at the affordable prices.

8).Philips DJ Monitoring Style SHL3210BK/00 Black Headphones



Philips DJ Monitoring Style SHL3210BK/00 Black Headphones is the powerful yet efficient headphone which comes under 200 rupees window. This headphone has many striking features which will let you fall in the world of the music. It offers you long lasting quality, long lasting cable bands, and the powerful bass for the crisp and crystal clear sound.

9).Philips SHO3300 Escap on-Ear Headphones


Philips SHO3300 Escap On-Ear Headphones is built for the listening comfort and the other features which prove it as the top selling headphones in the market. It has 32 mm neodymium magnet drivers which will enhance the quality of music you hear in your daily life. It has comfortable cushions which will reduce the output noise and will deliver you high quality sound wthout any disturbances.

10).iBall Vibro BT02 Headphone with Mic



iBall Vibro BT02 Headphone will take you to the pleasurable world of the music with its sleek new design and the comfort it offers. It has easy to access call buttons where you can attend calls without any hassle. It has inbuilt rechargeable battery to recharge the headphones. Also, it has neck band design with the maximum output.


These are the best headphones which will fit into your budget, and as well it will deliver you the many features which they are promising for. So, you have the option to choose the headphones among the list and enjoy all the features what they are offering into your budget. Since, the varying frequency ranges will offer you lower and higher vocal nodes with the sharp precision. And, the tangle free cable will avoid the cluttering of the wires to avoid the breakage of the wire and offer you the long lasting headphones.