10 Best Headphones Under Rs 1000

Music bring the peace and calmness in your mind and body, which eventually makes you a great and lovable human being. But, clear music makes you feel more great and happy. What is, you cannot listen the music with the clear sound? It will be waste of time and you will be irritated most of the times. So, you must choose the best headphones to hear the great music al the times. Since, there are many headphones in the market who will promise that they deliver the best features among other competitors. So, here we have mentioned the list of best headphones under 1000, to help you out to choose the best of the lot.

The headphones should have the great frequency range, varying impedances, and the soft ear pads to make you feel great. The cushions should be built with the good material so that the device last longer and you must get the value of worth your money. So, to make you feel great and happy both, you must opt out for these headphones, so that you can take the advantage of your money and enjoy many exciting features.

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1).Sony MDR-ZX110A Stereo Headphone



Sony brings you the lightweight headphones, but with the heavy sound output headphones, which is only made for the music lovers. This headphone comes with the 30mm drivers which will give the crystal clear audio sound. Also, it gives you the feel of the live orchestra. It has a 1.2 meter cable which will allow you to listen to music even from the far distance from the device. It has the pressure relieving pads which will allow you to listen to music without any problem.

2).iBall Rocky Headset Over-Ear Headphone with Mic



iBall always thinks about your comfort, and with the Rocky Headset it gives you the freedom to hear the music without any problems. It is intelligently designed for the maximum comfort with the large cushions to give you the groove of the music. You can use this headset for any purpose; it will always give you the crystal clear sound.

3).Philips DJ SHL3000/00 Over-Ear Headphone



Philips DJ SHL3000/00 is the best headphones under 1000, which has the soft cushions to give you the fresh experience always on the go. It comes with the flat foldable which will help you to carry it anywhere easily. Also, the 1.2 meter cable will allow you to enjoy the music from the far end. It has the 32 mm music drivers which will give you the powerful and dynamic sound.

4).Philips SBCHL 140/98 On-Ear Headphone



Philips SBCHL 140/98 is the lightweight headphones under the budget. This headphone brings the comfort and the large cups ear shells will help you out to enjoy the music with the perfect fit. It has the bass beat vent which allows the air movement for the better sound. It has the soft plastic part on the ear shells which reduces the cable strain, improves the connection and prevents damage from the repetitive bending.

5).Sennheiser HD 180 Over-Ear Headphone



Sennheiser HD 180 Over-Ear Headphone is the great headphone under the budget with an impeccable sound quality. This headphone ensures that you should not miss even a beat of the music and it tries to deliver you the noise free music every time. It has the crisp bass response and the dynamic speakers which will make you feel that you are in the live concert whenever you plug in headphone with the device.

6).Philips SHP1900/97 Over-Ear Stereo Headphone



Philips SHP1900/97 Over-Ear Stereo Headphone is the best headphone under the flagship of Philips. This headphone comes with the striking features with the preloaded arrays like treble, bass, and many more. It also accentuates the bass response. It has the dynamic speakers with the neodymium magnets to deliver you the music with the optimum quality.

7).Philips Indoor SHP2000 Headphones


Philips Indoor SHP2000 Headphones will bring the all new feel and groove of the music for the music birds. This set of headphone is the lightweight with the adjustable headband and ear shells for the comfortable fitting. It has the 2m long cable for the adjustment if you wish to listen the music from the far distance.

8).Panasonic RP-HT161E-K Over-Ear Headphone


Panasonic RP-HT161E-K Over-Ear Headphone is the full sized closed type monitor headphones. It has 30 mm driver units for the powerful stereo sound. It has larger soft ear pads for the comfortable listening. It has 10 Hz to 27 kHz frequency range for the low and high levels of frequency. You can hear the single notes with the precision because of the frequency range.

9).Philips SHO3305 STKR Over-Ear Headphone


Philips SHO3305 STKR Over-Ear Headphone comes with the adjustable headband to fit at every head size. Also, it has the soft cushions to ensure the long wearing comfort. It has the 32mm neodymium dynamic drivers to give you the powerful and dynamic sound. You can quickly flip between the calls and the music using the mic feature of this headphone.

10).Sony MDR-G45LP Neckband Headphone



Sony MDR-G45LP Neckband Headphone has the large frequency band to give you the single notes of the music.  It reproduces the powerful bass and the crisp sound of the music. A 1.2mm cable length brings the flexibility to hear the music from the far end of the device. Also, it has the 3.5mm jack which will allow you to use this headphone with any kind of device.


These are the best headphones, which will fit into your pocket. These headphones have many amazing features which will bring you closer to the music. They deliver the high quality sound with crystal clear voice and sharp precision. These headphones have various frequency ranges, which will help you to listen the lower and higher vocals with sharp precision. Mansy manufacturers make the headphones just for selling purpose, but these headphones comes with warranty to offer the long lasting relation with you.