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10 Best Selling Hair Styler Online in India

Be it first day at college or any social function, we always want to look our best. But in order to get a new look every day we cannot visit the parlor regularly and spend a fortune out there. So what if we can bring the salon to our home instead? Yes we can have the hair styler right in our room and with the help of it, we can style our hair the way we want. You can get one hair styler of any make right from Philips, Panasonic to Remington and Babyliss. It is a one -time investment that you have to make and after that you will be able to enjoy the whole time.

Be it Sangeet or Marriage ceremony of your friend, you can just surprise everybody with new hair styles every day. When you are going to wear sari then the hair needs to be done in a completely different manner compared to the hair styling when you are wearing some trendy dress. Retro look or modern day peppy look everything can be achieved through this hair styler which is quite within your reach. Depending on your budget, you can go for high end products or low range products. It is not necessary that the pricey products are the best instead you can just go through the specifications of each product before opting for one that will suit your requirements and your budget as well.

Philips HP4696/22 6 in 1 Hair Styler

philips hp4696

You have to pay Rs. 2995 for this 6 piece hair styler. So with the help of this hair styler you can create big curls, straighten your curly hair or create waves in your straight hair. It comes with a cooling tip so that you don’t burn your hand accidentally while using it. The temperature goes up to 140 degrees Celsius and comes with swivel cord which helps in keeping the cord tangle free. If you are travelling then this could accompany you and for that pouch is also made available which is heat defiant. The hair clips make it easy for you to style your hair just the way you want.
Babyliss Multi-Stylers – Fun Style 2020CE Hair Styler

babyliss multistylers 2020

If you feel the price Rs. 3295 is on the higher side, then go through its features and you will know that it is worth every penny that you spend on it. There are several attachments that will help you with styling your hair perfectly. You can also use this as hair dryer and the storage pouch that comes with this device makes it easy for you to move around. The multiple heating options are perfect for different hair styles. You will get the curling iron in 2 different sizes and the square iron will help you in straightening your r hair and makes it manageable.
Babyliss Heated Rollers Set 3060E hair styler

babyliss heated rollers set 3060e hair styler


20 heated rollers could be yours if you pay out Rs. 2716 online. The online stores are the place to be in to find the best hair styler. With these 20 rollers and 20 mini clips you can set your hair in any possible manner. The device has a ready dot which flashes when the heater is ready. You can get tights curls and loose curls to the precision with these rollers. In this box you will 6 medium and small rollers and 8 large rollers. One comb is also made available so that you can try out different styles with ease.
Remington Stylist Multi Style S6600 Hair Styler

remington stylist multi style s6600 hair styler

You can have your personal stylist right in your home for just Rs. 4094. It looks good in the combination of black and pink and performs well as a styler as well. Separate switch for curl is present in here which will ensure that you get variants in your curls. Apart from that, you can also try the 30 different types of heating which will allow you to give your hair the perfect retro look or the modern look that you want. Within 30 seconds it will heat up making sure that you do not have to waste time in waiting.

Remington AS700 Hair Styler

remington as700 hair styler


For Rs. 1500 you will be getting cool shot, release switch, brush with a small bristle, 3 speed settings and s heat settings as well. The brush with thermal bristle will give you the short curls that will look great with the dress that you are wearing and the cool shot will make sure that they are frizz free and falls softly on your face. Though it makes some noise, but once you are done with your styling you would just love the way you look and it definitely makes the hair look glamorous.
Babyliss Beliss Brushing 1000W 2735E Hair Styler

babyliss beliss brushing 1000w 2735e hair styler


If you are looking for professional hair stylist then you can bring in the expert in your home for Rs. 7895. It is a one – time investment that you are making and you will be able to enjoy the benefits for life- long if you take proper care of the machine. There are innumerous features that will help in providing you just the right kind of look. There Tensio Control system which has 4 settings and is responsible for all the curls and straightening of your hair. To bring precision to your hair, do a brush with round boar bristle is made available which will take care of the last moment touch ups.
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA81 Hair Styler

panasonic hair styler eh ka81 w615 hair styler


At Rs. 2700 you will get some of the best equipments in this Panasonic hair styler. Different kinds of brushes are made available in this pack so that you find it easy to style your hair the very way you want. The body is slim, so it gives you that perfect grip and the no noise operation is really helpful as it won’t disturb anybody else. The blow brush allows you to add volume and the roller brush gives you the curls that you are looking for.
Philips HP8698 Hair Styler

philips hp8698 hair styler


Just pay Rs. 2223 and make this Philips hair styler your own. It comes with several settings and clips to ensure that you are able to set your hair properly. Getting a curl in the front in otherwise straight hair can be achieved through the clips and brush that are available in this pack. Ceramic coating helps in protecting your hair from over -heating and LED indicator is also there for your help. It provides true value for money and you will be satisfied with the straightener though big curls are hard to achieve with this product.
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA42 Hair Styler

panasonic hair styler eh ka42


This purple color cute looking device is a great way of getting different hair do at just Rs. 2175. You can blow dry your hair with this and also achieve different styling with the brushes that are there in this pack. If you want to curl your hair, then you can use the roller brush to nail the look. The compact design and swivel cord make it easy to use. The 2 mode selection will allow you to choose the best styling option for you and the nozzle helps in directing the hair to the particular section enabling you to get the hair do right.
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA22 Hair Styler

panasonic hair styler eh ka22 hair styler


At Rs. 999 this is the cheapest one in the list but quite effective one as well. You will get roller brush to set the curls and the nozzle to blow air in sections and the maximum temperature that can be gained through this is 240 degree Celsius. It is a great value for money and it works great even thick long hair. The attachments and the features that are made available in this product will give help you get the look you want within your budget.


If you are looking for the professional stylist, then the best one in here is the Babyliss Beliss as it is an answer to all your fashion hair styling that you can think of. Moreover, if you are a Fashionista then it becomes all the more important to have it with you so that you can step out in different hair do almost every day. If you want to invest in something that is within your budget, then you can go for the Philips hair styler.