philips hp8315 hair straightener

10 Best Hair Straighteners for Women in India

If you have curly hair then you will know how tough it can be to manage it and if you are in a hurry then it seems that it becomes even more unruly. So to answer your prayers, various manufacturers have come up with hair straighteners that will help you turn your untamed mane into smooth silky straight hair. If you are happy with your curls, but in order to change the way you look once in a while hair straighteners are a great help. We all know how much salon charges to get your hair straightened but if you can invest one time in the hair straightener then you can enjoy for life long. Most devices come with warranty therefore you don’t have to worry about things going wrong. Some are on the expensive side, but there are some which will definitely suit your budget and will also have features that will be perfect for daily use or occasionally? You can also use these hair straightening devices for styling your hair within few minutes. Philips is one name that comes up whenever you talk about any electronic devices and in case of hair straighteners it is no exception as well. Apart from Philips there are various other makers who have come up with some amazing product for you. The list of 10 Best Hair Straighteners for Women in India is given below –

Philips HP8315 hair Straightener

philips hp8315 hair straightener


It provides you silky smooth hair at Rs. 1707. Your frizzy hair will be gone within minutes. The machine heats up within 30 seconds and that way it saves your time. It is sleek in design and is light in weight, but the machine is a bit wider compared to its other model. It is actually a boon for the girls with thick and long hair as this wide straightener helps in straightening the hair in a single stroke. Automatic shut off feature makes this device safe to use because in case you forget to put it off after 60 seconds it will turn off automatically.

Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener

philips hp8309 hair straightener


At INR 1399 you will get a device which heats up quite fast and makes your hair straight within no time. If you are looking for something which will straighten your hair from root to tip within minutes, then here is the device for you. It has a comfortable grip and is easy to handle. Though it heats up within seconds, but when it comes to cooling it takes almost half an hour to cool off completely. Before using the device make sure that you have conditioned your hair nicely as that will leave your hair with a soft bounce after straightening your hair.
Philips HP8310 Hair Straightener

philips hp8310


You can get perfect shine with this device at Rs. 1580. It is one time investment that you are making and after that you can straighten your hair whenever you want. Heats up within a minute and the maximum heat produced at 210 degrees. The ion conditioning will leave your hair soft and smooth with enough bounce to give you the look that you wanted. Auto shut off feature comes in handy in case you forget to shut it down. The ceramic glides are used to make your hair shiny.

Remington S2002 Hair Straightener

remington s2002 hair straightener


Straight hair within your reach now and you can now get your curls straightened at home for INR 1424. Once you buy this device you can easily straighten your unruly curls into shiny and smooth mane in no times. It takes 60 seconds to heat up and the ceramic plates and slim plates help in achieving the look that you want to perfectly. Temperature control is a great feature to have because of you had really long hair then there are chances that you will damage the hair in the middle due to over –heating, but with this feature you will be able to control temperature in the middle of the process.

Remington S1005 hair straightener

remington s1005 hair straightener


This hair straightening machine will cost you Rs. 2144. You will be able to start styling your hair within minutes because it only takes 30 seconds to heat up. You will also be made available LED light indicator along with Teflon and Ceramic coating which will help you is straightening your hair smoothly without damaging. Safety locking plates allow you to close the two blades properly for that perfect finishing. Insulating cover ensures that you do not suffer from any burns while carrying out the process of straightening.

Panasonic EH HW17 Hair straightener

panasonic eh hw17 hair straightener


The designing is compact and is portable enough to carry anywhere you want and the light weight makes it easy to move around with it. You just need to pay INR 1500 for this device. This is a two in one device which can curl your hair apart from straightening. You can count it amongst the best hair straightener easily. You can regulate the heat pattern and make your hair straightening process a comfortable one. It comes with universal voltage and storage cap is there for heat protection.

Remington Ceramic Straight 230 S3500 Hair Straightener

remington ceramic straight 230 s3500


The floating plates that are available in this device makes it easy for you to straighten your hair till the end. It has an auto shut off feature, plate lock and the best part is that it heats up within 15 second so that you do not need to wait for long. The price for this device is Rs. 2774 and within this price range it provides with some of the best features which facilitate hair straightening and makes it an enjoyable experience.

Remington Ceramic Slim 220 S1510 Hair Straightener

remington ceramic slim 220 s1510


Though it has multiple features, but the price tag that is attached to it reads only Rs. 920. It comes with on and off switch, floating plate, anti static, LED indicator, multi voltage and many other features. The tourmaline and ceramic coating initiates equal distribution of heat all throughout. The maximum heat that you can achieve is that of 220 degree Celsius and it takes 30 seconds to heat up. It also has swivel cord and 2 heat settings, which makes it ideal for styling your hair.
Corioliss C-Style Hot Pink Tourmaline Ceramic MicroChip Controlled Hair Straightener

corioliss micro-chip controlled hair straightener


You will have to pay Rs. 2974 in order to make this pink device your own. The temperature is controlled by micro chip providing you enough control on how much heat you want to provide on your hair. Made of great quality and performs really well, this device comes with several other features like on and off switch along with far infrared technology and swivel cord. It heats up pretty quickly and will allow you to style your hair as you wish.

Philips HP8316 Kerashine Hair straightener

philips hp8316 hair straightener


This Philips hair straightener will cost you Rs. 2240. The ceramic plates of this hair straightener are infused with Keratin to provide your hair with extra shine and bring back the luster that was missing. It smoothes your frizzy hair as well along with providing your hair with enough conditioning. The maximum heat that you can achieve with this is 210 degrees and within 60 seconds it will gain ample heat to start its work as a straightener. As the swivel cord keeps on rotating therefore there is no tension of getting it all tangled.


Depending on your budget, you can go for the high range, product or you can opt for a high range product or the low range products. The specifications are almost similar but if you are looking for multipurpose product that will not only straighten your hair but if required it can curl it too then you can go for the Remington product as well.