remington d5010 hair dryer

10 Best Hair Dryers to Buy Online in India

Hair dryers have become indispensable because of its utility. If you are in a hurry and want to dry your hair in no time so that you can tie it up then you cannot get anything better than a hair dryer. It also enhances your look by adding bounce and volume in your hair. So people who have thin hair can definitely do with one blow dryer which will make your hair frizz free and smooth as well. A blow dryer is a great way of straightening your hair also but for that you have to use some serum and conditioner so that you can prepare your hair before using the blow dryer to do its trick on your hair. If you are trying to do a home spa treatment on your hair then the dryer will work out perfectly as the steam provider. In order to carry out this process you just need to cover your hair and then blow dry slowly and it will provide you with enough heat that is required for the spa session. Now when you can use a simple blow dryer for so many applications, then it is a must have in your list and to help you select the perfect one here are some names –

Philips HP8643 Miss Fresher’s Pack Hair Straightener + Hair Dryer

philips hp8643 40 hair straightener hair dryer


This one is a combination pack where you are getting the hair straightener along with dryer at just Rs. 1706. In order to get new hair styles everyday you can make use of the hair straightener without worrying about getting your hair damaged. Handle lock system is there along with 2 heat settings so that you can set up heat as per your preference. You can use the dryer to get a shine in your hair and attain that perfect smooth silky hair.

Philips 1600 W HP8200 Hair Dryer

philips 1600 w hp8200 hair dryer


Now no need to run to the retail shop to buy a blow dryer instead you can get hair dryer online for only Rs.1231. 6 speed settings are there along with 6 different heat settings as well, providing you with various options of styling your hair. The Handle can be folded making it perfect for travelling as well. Compact design and narrow concentrator are some of the great features that can be enjoyed in this device. EHD+ technology distributes the heat evenly, making the styling experience a better one.

Philips HP8112 Hair Dryer

philips hp 8112 hair dryer


You can get Philips hair dryer for Rs. 745 only. Starting from design and operation to other specifications you can be rest assured about the quality when the name attached to it reads Philips. The best part of this blow dryer is that it can be used for both men and women and has 3 speed options along with 3 types of the heating condition as well. It is a great item o gifting purpose as well. College going girls would love to have it as they can make a new style statement every day.

Panasonic EH-ND11 Hair Dryer (Blue)

panasonic eh nd11 hair dryer


This small blue colored device is a useful device and its price is also not that high. It is only Rs. 601 therefore all you girls out there who, though blow dryers are out of your range can easily have this one handy in their home. 2 modes of heating arrangement is there so if you are in a hurry, you can easily opt for hot, but if you have enough time then warm will be better. Light in weight so no problem in handling and gives quite a comfortable grip. Cord length is just fine for use as it doesn’t stretch out too much causing trouble neither it falls short.

Philips 1600 W HP4940 Hair Dryer (White and Light Pink)

philips 1600 w hp4940 hair dryer


A travel pouch and foldable handle ensures that you can carry this device to wherever you want. It comes with dual voltage, narrow concentrator, and cool shot. Settings are 3 in number providing ample options to style your hair. The cool shot is a great feature in this device which will help you to maintain frizz free hair by providing cold air and it will also help in enhancing the shine of your hair. You can style your hair daily with this device once you make it your own by paying Rs. 1168.

Philips Kerashine HP8216 Hair Dryer

philips kerashine hp8216 hair dryer


At Rs. 1695 you will be getting a bundle of amazing features like Ionic care, Cool air option, a temperature option comes with ThermoProtect, and many more like these. It is designed in such a way that it won’t damage your hair and neither will it, dry it by blowing in high temperature instead it won’t cross the 55 degree mark. The ionic care actually helps in conditioning your hair while drying and the 3 settings allow you to use your dryer as per your requirement.

Philips 1000 W HP8100 Hair Dryer

philips 1000 w hp8100 hair dryer


Looks good and performs better. This is how you can describe this compact hair dryer from Philips which is priced as low as Rs. 624. I order to provide you the perfection in your work you are provided with narrow concentrator and 2 speed settings, which are flexible enough to suit your preferences. 1000 watts power is consumed when you are using it. Now this can also be used by both men and women. This also has 2 heat settings so now you can either heat up the drying process or take it slowly with medium heat.

Panasonic EH-ND 13 Hair Dryer

panasonic eh nd13 hair dryer


The Panasonic hair dryer will cost you around INR 1100 and it comes with some Brilliant features like 3 speed settings, turbo function, healthy mode, nozzle attachment and the cord are such that it doesn’t get entangled while in use. You will also be made available the hang up loop so that you can place it properly at one place. The healthy mode ensures that the temperature remains at 50 degrees all the while. 2 drying outlets make sure that you have enough power for quick drying as well.

Remington D5010 Hair Dryer

remington d5010 hair dryer


The hair dryer price depends on the make of the model and the features that are included in the product. This piece of the device is priced at Rs. 2449 and it comes with features like concentrator, 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings, Ionic function, ceramic Tourmaline Grille and many more features like these. The ergonomic design provides a good grip and the Grille is easily removable making it possible for you to clean at a regular interval. If you are looking for styling like salon then this is a good option for you.

Panasonic EHND 12-P Hair Dryer

panasonic eh nd12 p hair dryer


Though it is priced at Rs. 985 but it is worth more than that with features like 3 heat settings, strong, cool, healthy mode, comfortable grip and many more. The set nozzle will help you get the air styling right by blowing in the air in one section of your hair. It is a great thing to keep handy when you are attending any function because you will be able to surprise everyone with your new hair styling every time you step outside. The cord’s length is just perfect to provide you a tangle free experience every time you use it.


If you are really short of money but still want to experience healthy and silky hair, then you can try the Panasonic blow dryer which is priced only Rs. 601. It gives you some of the best features at a low price. If you are looking for a hair stylist along with a blow dryer, then you must go to the Philips Kerashine range that will provide you with the options that will make your hair styling experience an enjoyable one.