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10 Best Hair Curlers for Women in India

Planning to get your straight mane curled for that perfect look! Then you need one of those curlers which will help you in getting loose curls to precision. Moreover, you can also go for the natural waves that will complement the dress you are wearing. If you are wearing something elegant then natural waves will suit the dress more than the curls, but if you are wearing something trendy then the curls will be just perfect for your look. Well-defined locks or loose curls or those illustrious gorgeous waves, you can go for any look you want with the help of the best hair curler easily. Whether you do it daily or opt for curling occasionally, a curler is a must for styling your hair the way you want it. Before buying in any curler ensure that you go through the specifications thoroughly so that you know whether it has smaller barrels or looser barrels or whether it will give you the adequate curl or not! Here we are providing you some names –

Babyliss Hair Curler 271CE

babyliss hair curler 271ce


At INR 1395 you will get a swivel cord, sleeve brush, ceramic coated curlers, 16mm tong and inbuilt stand to make your storing easy. The curler with cool tip allows you to use the device without burning your finger accidentally. It comes with an On and Off switch which makes the operation really easy. If you are looking for soft curls or for that matter waves, then make use of the sleeve brush that is available in here. If you are going for thin, fine curls, then Babyliss is a wonderful product to have.

Babyliss Hair Curler C20E Hair Curler

babyliss hair curler c20e


This one comes with 11 temperature settings so that you can tweak and twist accordingly. The maximum temperature that you can get is that of 200 C and as it comes with the automatic shutdown option, therefore there is no chance of any worse result. The curlers have Titanium Ceramic coating helping in achieving the perfect curl without any hitches. It is a great hair stylist which will help you get different hair styles with conical wand barrel and you can get all this for INR 3695.

Babyliss set of heated Ceramic Rollers set 3021E Hair Curler

babyliss 3021e hair curler


You will be able to own this set of rollers for INR 3924. On and off switch makes it easy to operate and 6 small velvet ceramic rollers and 8 large ones make it easy for you to achieve the tight curls that you want or the loose curls too. A storage pouch is made available just to make sure that you find it easy to store all the 20 rollers at one place. Butterfly clips and metallic clips are also part of this set and this one also has the benefit of On and Off button.

Corioliss Glamour Wand Red Leopard Hair Curler

corioliss glamour wand


Up the glamour quotient by using the Corioliss glamour Hair curler to curl your hair with precision. It is worth INR 2999. The conical barrel helps you to achieve bounce in your hair so if you have a thin hair then you will be able to add volume to it easily. Ergonomic design helps you in getting the right grip and the far infrared technology ensures that no damage is caused to your hair. You will also be able to control the temperature, making it apt for different hair styling as well.

Torlen Tor C S05 28 MM hair curler

torlen tor cs05 28mm

You can get this Hair curler online for just INR 1279. The Ceramic coating on the barrel ensures that your hair feels soft and smooth after the curling is done. Even the heat settings are two in number providing you the options of going for soft curls or tight ones. Swivel cord doesn’t get entangled in your hair while styling so the curling process is more fun with this piece of device. It is light in weight and instant heating enables you to get started with your styling in no time.

Inalsa Hair Curler Stylo Black

inalsa hair curler


If your budget is not that much then also no need to deprive yourself of the curls because now you can get this device at only Rs. 972. Though it is cheaper in price, but it is high on performance with comfortable grip. The 19mm tong curls your hair easily and the temperature control ensures that you get the right styling. It has rotating cord and cool tip to help you in handling the curler with élan. It doesn’t consume that much power as well making it perfect for daily use too.

Corioliss Big wave hair curler

corioliss big wave hair curler


In the party season hair curler India is of great use because everybody wants to look different and what better than curling up your straight hair or getting a wave in your hair. You can now make this hair curler your own by paying Rs. 5949. If you have frizzy hair, then you can definitely like to have something which will tame your hair. This machine provides you just that and much more with negative Ion technology. Temperature control is part of the machine along with dual voltage and plates that come ceramic coated.

Corioliss Glamour Wand Gloss Black hair curler

corioliss glamour wand


It takes your hair curling experience to the next level with professional levels of temperature control and far infrared technology. It goes into sleep mode automatically after 30 minutes therefore if you have accidentally left the curler on then also you need not worry. Ergonomic design helps in providing a good grip and conical barrel adds the bounce in your hair. Cool tip and 360 degree swivel cord allow you to style your hair as per your preference without taking any stress. You can have this curler in your name once you pay Rs. 2549.

Torlen Tor C S05 38 MM hair curler

torlen tor cs05 38mm


It is light in weight but sharp in performance. The rubberized material that is used is soft enough to give that perfect grip and by paying only INR 1279 you will be able to make it your own. Heat distribution is even due to Ceramic coating in the barrel and the swivel cord doesn’t allow it to get entangled. You can also enjoy 2 levels of heating which will help you in getting loose curls or the tight curls that you need.

Babyliss Hair Curler 2325E Hair Curler

babyliss hair curler 2325e

It is priced at Rs. 2785 and comes with an inbuilt stand to provide you the storage facility. The maximum temperature of the device is that of 180 degree C but the regulator ensures that you get the required temperature for the styling that you are looking for. The ventilated cool tip allows you to hold comfortable without feeling the heat. It comes with a long 25 mm long and swivel cord which rotates comfortably, enabling you to move freely while curling your hair. Easy operation is facilitated with on and off switch.


If you have a low budget, then you can try the Inalsa hair curler. It is a good buy with loads of features stuffed into it. But if you want to get into that perfect device which will facilitate all kinds of hair styling without damaging your hair then you can try Corioliss Big Wave curler. It will also help you turn your frizzy hair into soft and manageable mane which is a very big help for all you people out there who find it hard to manage those unruly hair of yours.