10 Best Earphones Under Rs 3000

Earphones are like the best friend of the music lovers, but finding the best earphones is the toughest job for anyone. Some of the earphones challenge you with the written features that they are the best in the market, but when you use them they don’t offer such features which they have promised for. So, you should pick up the best of the lot, if you are fond of good music. Here, we have mentioned the best earphones under 3000, which will not just fit into your budget, but also will bring the fresh feel of music into your ears.

These earphones have the great features and the attractive design to mesmerize you, and excite you enough so that you will be forced to buy them. But, not just look they have exciting features and great performance capability that it will bring you inch closer to the music. The mesmerizing noise eliminating features of al the earphones will just force you to sink into the feel of the music. The various frequency ranges will allow you to touch the music in high and low notes also. So, overall they are worth for the price they are offering and the best in the market.

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1).Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass (XB) Headphones



Sony is the leading manufacturer of the earphones and the innovative design has brought them ahead of the league when compared to the others. This set of earphone has the unique fitting design, which will enable you to pursue with another activity while using the earphones. It has the powerful bass duct, which will bring the high quality bass sound. It also has the silicone ear buds which will fit into your ear canal to eliminate the outside noise.

2).Sony MDR-XB70AP Extra Bass (XB) Headphones



Sony MDR-XB70AP has the unique set of features that are designed only for the extra sound lovers. It offers the extra loudness in the sound that will just rock you while enjoying the music. It has the neodymium magnet for the enhanced sound delivery. Powered bass duct for the extra bass for high quality sound.

3).Sony MDR-XB50AP/L Extra Bass (XB) In-Ear Headphones with In-Line Mic & Remote



Sony has the another set of the earphones which has the unique features and the extra bass for the high quality sound. It delivers the stunning sounds, which has the great audio clarity for the music lovers. Also, it has the in built microphone to attend calls.

4).JBL Inspire 300 Noise Isolating In-Ear Sports Headphones


JBL Inspire 300 is the anti sweat earphone which is designed for the music lovers who likes to hit the gym floors with the music. FlexSoft Comfort Fit and the Twistock Technology won’t let your earphones fall out during the intense activity. The Quik Clik tangle free magnets simplify wearing them, and it also features microphone which has the feature to attend calls.

5).Sennheiser CX 3.00 Red In-Ear Canal Headphones



Sennheiser CX 3.00 has the unique features to provide you audio clarity, and the extra bass will enable you to take the amazing journey in the word of the music with the set of earphones. The elliptical design will enable you to get rid of the frustration of the tangled cables. It has the optimum in-ear canal fit with 4 different sizes of the adapters to eliminate the output noise.

6).Sound Magic E10 Earphone



Sound Magic E10 Earphone enables you to immerse yourself in the acoustic experience of the music. It has the 10 mm drivers which will bring the intense bass sounds. Also, it has the 15 Hz to 22 kHz frequency range, which will help you to enjoy the specific notes of the music. The impedance of 16 ohms, will bring the amplified sounds in your earphones and allow the earphones will allow you to connect it with the portable devices.

7).JBL Synchros E10 Stereo In-Ear Headphones with Mic



JBL offers you the enabled sound quality with PureBass performance of the enhanced bass and the pure sound quality. The full spectrum of the earphones and the 8 mm driver units will allow you to connect it with the portable devices. The in-line microphone with the single button remote will allow you to attend the calls.

8).Skullcandy S2FXGM-432 Bombshell Floral Plum Coral Gold Earphone with Mic



Skullcandy is the renowned manufacturer of the earphones, which has the in-ear FixTM technology, which is designed for the woman’s ear canal to fit in, and even it will not fall out while dancing. The Pureclean TM gel, will not allow the germs to grow, and it will keep your ears fresh and clean.

9).Audio-Technica ATH-COR150RD Core Bass In-Ear Headphones


Audio Tchnical comes with the textured bass performance of the pure clear sound. You can enjoy the crystal clear sound with so ease that you won’d be disturbed the outside noise anymore. The snap-on and snap-off oval hangovers will provide you two fitting options.

10).Jays a-Jays One noise isolating earphones w/tangle free cable


Jays a-jays is the newly designed and the unique designed earphones available in the market. It is the best earphones under 3000 which has the fat design and the tangle free earphones. It has JAYS sound isolating sleeves to eliminate the outside noise and give you pleasurable feel while enjoying the music. It is also designed with the five pairs of the silicone earbuds to offer you the best possible fit in your ear canal.


These are the best earphones that are available in the market to provide you the best possible fit into your pocket and the budget constraints. These earphones give you the mesmerizing feel of the music which will take you to the musical world. The various frequency ranges have many features which will allow you to enjoy the music in different frequency ranges with the sharp precision. Also, they have the possible fit into your ear canals so that you can pursue another activity with the music.