10 Best Earphones Under Rs 1000

If you are a music lover, then you must have the good earbuds, which will enable you to listen music with the high quality experience. But, maximum of the earbuds gives the dismal sound and does not sound good for the music lovers. Many devices don’t offer earphones with the device, so in that case you need to buy the earphones. But, what if your earphones don’t give the sound you are expecting. Here is a roundup of the best earphones which will help you to hear the music with the high quality experience.

Since, there are many earphones which are costly enough, but here we have tried to round up the best earphones under 1000, which have the very good quality of music and lots many features. Also, the earphones must release the ambient noise and just pass the wanted voice to your ears for the soothing high quality experience. Lets have a look on the earphones list:

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1).Senheiser CX 180 Street II In Ear Headphone



Senheiser is the reputed company with the awesome audiophiles system, it is designed with the great audio equipment with the delightful senses. It has the delighful commanding base stereo output, which is designed for the best comfort for your mind.

2).Skullcandy S2DUDZ-003 In Ear Headphone



Skulllcandy S2DUDZ is the most comfortable in ear headphone. It comes with the efficient speakers with the best in ear fit to restrict the ambient noise. You can wear the headphones while jogging, walking, and dancing. Also, it is designed to wear for long hours without any irritation.

3).Philips SHE 1360/97 Headphone



Philips SHE 1360/97 comes with the efficient bass system and efficient speakers to offer you the unstoppable music without any dismal sound. It comes with the bass built system to allow air to pass for the better sound. The 15 mm speaker sound allows you to have the comfortable experience.

4).Philips SQH1200 ActionFit Sports In-ear Headphones



Philips SQH1200 ActionFit In Ear headphones brings you the adrenaline pumping music which other headphones can’t bring. This headphone is designed to fit in the ear canal and offers you the comfortable experience which eliminates the ambient sound. Also, it comes with the ultra soft silicon caps, which fits perfectly in your ear canal. Also, it is designed with the anti bacteria material which is perfectly made for the athletes in the hostile environment.

5).Skullcandy JIB Earbuds – Lime/Gray  –  S2DUFZ-385


Skullcandy S2DUFZ-385 headphone features the best sound quality in the market when you chose to use them. This headphone has the 10mm drivers, which offers you the best quality of music with crystal clear sound. Also, it has the frequency range of 20 Hz-20 kHz, which offers you the low frequency and high frequency sound with sharp precision.

6).Senheiser MX 170 Earbud Headphone



Senheiser is the pioneer manufacturer of the audio headphones, with the crystal clear sound for the music on the go. It has the symmetrical cable which twists together to give you the hassle free experience. It also offers the exceptional wearing comfort and it is made for the budget constraint people to sit for them into the budget.

7).Philips SHE 1455BK Headphone with Mic


Philips SHE 1455BK is the best earphone under 1000 which offers you the crystal clear sound with the amazing experience to offer. This headphone comes with the mic so that you can enjoy the best audio quality and even you can make the phone calls using the headphones. It has the super small speakers which fit perfectly into the ear and it doesn’t allow air to pass so that you can noise free listening experience.

8).Creative in-Ear Ep-600 Black Earphones



Creative Ep-600 In Ear headphones perfectly seals the ear canals with the earbuds, which gives the sound without any ambient noise. It gives you the supersonic and pulsating experience. It has the resonating bass and the speakers fit perfectly into the ear canal, whether you are out for jogging or dancing, it won’t slip away from your ear canals.

9).Creative Ep-630 Deep Bass In-Earphones


Creative Ep-630 In Ear headphones performs its operations well with the battery oriented devices like mobile phones as it has the 16ohm impedance to be offered. It has the highest sensitivity of 106dB, which doesn’t offer you the distorted sound even in the higher volumes. It has the frequency range of 6 to 23000 Hz, which will offer you to enjoy the high frequency sound with the sharp precision. Also, it has the deep base effect, which will give you the heart thumping tunes.

10).Sony MDR-EX 15LP/B In-Ear Headphone


Sony MDR-EX 15LP/B have the good frequency range of 8 to 22000 Hz, which will give you the sound with precision in any frequency range. It has the sensitivity of 100 dB per mW which means you can enjoy the sounds and musics with this headphones with the great sound experience.Also, it has the special slider which doesn’t allow to tangle the wires and have the good experience with the headphones. It comes with the hybrid silicon earbuds, which fit into your ear canal perfectly and you can enjoy the music in high quality.


These are the list of best earphones which are made for the people who thinks about the budget and wants to have the good quality of music into the budget. So, here is the list of such headphones, which will allow you to have the best sound quality and it also fit into your budget very well. Some of them come with many features like low and high frequency range, impedance, and sensitivity.

But, many of them just fit into the ear canal so well that it doesn’t allow the other sound to pass the canal and you can enjoy the music without any ambient noise. Also, if you go for jogging and dancing, the ear buds doesn’t slip away from your ears, which means you can have the continuous experience of music.