10 Best Earphones Under Rs 2000

Earphones are for the music lovers who desire to have the mesmerizing feel of the music, and want to hear the every single note of the music. Let the music flow in the high range or low frequency range, best earphones are always the best option to have it in your pocket. So, here we are winding up the list best earphones under 2000 rupees, which will fit in all your needs and your budget too.

These earphones fit perfectly into your ear canal, so that it doesn’t get slip away and the ambient sound or noise is eliminated, to give you the best soothing experience. The feel of the music is extreme as it brings the eternal peace in your brain and heart, so to relive the music you need the best earphones to be connected with your device, to give you the crystal clear sound of the music notes. You can continue with any activity you want and listen to the music whenever you want and pursue with the activity.

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1.Senheiser CX275 s Universal Mobile Headset


Senheiser CX275 s brings you the clarity of the sound of the music you need to hear. Let your handset be of any operating system, it comes with the 3.5 mm jack which supports all the type of device. The dynamic speaker systems bring out the great sound system you have never experienced. It also effectively keeps the noise out, so that you can lose yourself in the music.

2.Sony MDR – XB30EX In Ear Extra Bass Stereo Headphone



Sony MDR – XB30EX has the 13.5 mm XB drivers which brings you out the enhanced quality of the music and powerful bass band. This in ear extra bass headphones includes advanced direct vibe structure and high energy neodymium magnets. It has the impedance of 16 ohms, 105dB/mW sensitivity and 4 to 24000 Hz frequency range. Also, it has the 100 mW power handling capacity.

3.Skullcandy S2PGFY – 003 All new colorful and Trendy Smokin’ Buds 2 with Mic 1 Earphones/Earbuds Stereo Headphone



Skullcandy brings you the sensational earphones which will bring the exceptional experience for the music lovers and the design of the earphones will bring the immediate attraction to grab it. The sizzling color of the earphones will fit into your ear canal and et you lose into the music. The buds will be joined with the TPE Cable Cord which will allow the source music from the device to be freely kept at the distance from the buds when the user is on the move.

4.Sony MDR-EX110AP Black Headphone



Sony brings you the yet another earphones set so that you can enjoy the music and also deal with the call quality. This is the earphones which gives you the complete control over the music and calls. It comes with the in line microphone which brings you the control over the calls.

5.House of Marley Smile Jamaica In Ear Headphone with Mic – Midnight



Smile Jamaica is built with the recycled products and the plastics which shows that it is made up of naturally. The Jamaican feel of the music is awesome and the fit in ear headphones with the bass vibration brings you the great experience of music you want to hear.

6.JBL Yurbuds Inspire 100 In Ear Sports Headphone


Yurbuds is made by the marathoner, so you can expect the quality of the technology used in the earphones. The Twistock technology used in the earphones will lock the twist, so that it should not bend during the heavy strenous excersise also. It is made for the intese exercise purpose, so the sweat and moisture won’t affect your headphones also.

7.Tekfusion Twinwoofers In Ear Headphone



Tekfusion offers the wire connectivity through this twinwoofers headphone, so that you can enjoy the music at any condition. The crystal clear sound offered by the set of headphones, comes with the universal jack so that it can be fitted with any type of device. Also, it has the metal in house classing, which will maintain the long term relationship with the music.

8.Skullcandy S2IKDY-003 Ink’d 2.0 In Ear Headphone with Mic



Skullcandy has brought the reshaped version of the earphones, which brings out the remix version of the headphones in the form of Ink’d. It has the additional sizes of the silicone earbuds, which will fit into your ear canal perfectly. It has the Attarcting Bass which will bring you out the vibrating bass and the précised music for you. Also, it has the smooth vocals, which will bring out the vocals like you are listening to the AM radio.

9.SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating In Ear Earphones



SoundMagic has brought you the stylish pair of the headphones. The highly engineered design of the headphones is the eye grabber for all. The earbuds of this headphones are designed with plastic to fit into your ear canal. It comes with three silicone ear tips of different sizes to give you acoustic experience.

10.JBL T150A White



JBL is the leading manufacturer of the earphones with the stylish looks. JBL T150A is the best earphones under 2000 which will give you the great feel and précised music. It has the dynamic drivers of 8 mm which will can be used in any device. Also, it has the one button mic which can be controlled for the calls.


This is the list of best earphones which are designed to fit your budget and give you all the features under one roof. They have the great looks and highly engineered design has all to speak. The great frequency range allows you to listen the sharp notes of the music with precision. The dynamic drivers allow you to connect the earphones with any type of device. Also, the earbuds are designed in such a way that they can fit any type of ear canal, so that you can do your work simultaneously with the feel of the music and make yourself relaxed.