Philips sbt30 bluetooth speaker

Best Bluetooth speakers under 10000

If you go online to look for the best Bluetooth speakers then you will find innumerous speakers along with reviews. But you will see that most reviews are written in a language which is meant for only tech geeks. Common users are not able to understand a single line of those reviews not because they are badly written, but because of the heavy usage of technical words. Here we have sifted through heaps of information to bring out the relevant and important points that you need to consider before buying Bluetooth speakers.

1. JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker

jbl pulse speaker


Polymer Lithium – ion battery is part of the JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speakers which will provide you enhanced sound quality for 5 hours. The battery is rechargeable, so once the battery life deteriorates, you have the option to charge it again. You will also be made available with 3.5 mm Jack. The frequency range of this Bluetooth is 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz. You will also get NFC support and Signal – to – Noise ratio of 80 dB. The frequency range varies from 105 Hz to 20000 Hz. It has inbuilt bass port and audio which is good enough to fill up the room with clear sound. It will cost you around INR 9299 for this speaker.

2. JBL Flip II Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker

jbl flip 2 speakers


You can make this Bluetooth speaker from JBL your own by paying INR 6498. The frequency range of this speaker ranges from 100 Hz to 20000 Hz. It also comes with rechargeable Lithium – ion Polymer battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. You will also be able to enjoy Bluetooth streaming in this portable speaker. Another important thing about this portable wireless stereo speaker is that you can easily connect to several Smartphones and also tablets. It also has a battery level indicator to make it easy for you to understand when to put this 65 mm X 160 mm black speaker back in charge again.

3. DigiFlip PS 004 Bluetooth Speakers

digiflip ps004 bluetooth speaker

It is a good looking Bluetooth speaker at a price range of only INR 1069. It comes with portable design and a sound effect of Stereo. You can make use of USB charging and with the help of that, it can play music for 2-3 hours comfortably. Wirelessly connects to iPhone, iPad, iPod, PC, Smartphone or MID with élan. Designing is compact therefore you can carry it to any place you want. You will also get 3.5 mm stereo jack and you can roam around with this device within the range of 10 meters. The Lithium battery is part of this Bluetooth speaker with a frequency response of 90 Hz to 20000 Hz.

4. JBL Charge Speaker

jbl  charge


After discount you can own this JBL charge Speaker at a price range of INR 7299. This portable Bluetooth speaker provides you with 12 hours of playback time. This is made possible by the 6000 mAh Lithium – ion battery that comes with it. The JBL charge speaker has a frequency response of 150 Hz to 20000 Hz and you will also get amplifier with it. JBL is one of the trusted names in the world when it comes to speakers and headphones, and with Exceptional bass sound your music experience will be even better. The battery takes approximately 3.5 hours of charging for uninterrupted services.

5. DigiFlip PS007 Bluetooth Speaker

digiflip ps007

It is a cute looking blue speaker which is priced at INR 999. The designing is done to make sure that it consumes very little space, therefore this compact speaker is a great way to pep up the mood of any house party. You can play it really loud for about 7 hours non- stop. You have to place it within the range of 10 meters to make it work and the mushroom shaped speaker will be the center of attraction of your party instantaneous. You just need to charge it for a maximum of 2 hours to make it work for long hours. Built-in speakers are quite powerful and as it comes with a microphone, too therefore you can also attend calls through it. There is a suction cup which makes sure that it gets stuck to any smooth surface and plays your favorite music all through.

6. JBL Pebbles

jbl pebbles speakers


JBL Pebbles Speaker The silver and red coating will give these speakers a different look. At a price of Rs. 2990 it is quite a head turner just by the look of it With Plug & play, you can easily access to your favorite music. The compact & ironic design of these speakers gives your desk that clutter free, chick look. he frequency response for this one also is 70-20,000 Hz (Satellete) with Signal to Noise Ratio of 89 dB. You can expand your listening option by connecting mp3 or mobile device through aux-in port.

7. Skullcandy Ringer 2XL Bluetooth Speaker

skullcandy ringer 2xl


White and gray are the two colors of the ringer that seems to be attached to each other in this Rs. 1999 Bluetooth speaker. 1 channel configuration, 2 W RMS output and 82 dB Signal to Noise ratio are some of the features of this interesting looking Bluetooth speaker. It will give you a good 6 hours of battery life. You can enjoy controls like Play button, volume button, Next button, Previous button and also Pause button. Even Bluetooth connects button is also made available for you so that you can have easy access. Design is portable, therefore you can carry it with yourself to anywhere you want. It also comes with a 10 meter range and this Lithium ion battery plays 6 hours of music quite comfortably.

8. Sony SRS – BTV5 Bluetooth Speaker

sony srs btv5 bluetooth speakers


This small piece of black ball will cost you Rs. 3590. It has 4 hours of battery life and within this period apart from playing you loud music you can also receive or end calls as required. The inbuilt microphone will help you to handle calls efficiently. It also has an interesting feature and that is 360 degree sound technology. Not only the shape is round, but you can also listen to music from all around as well. It weighs only 0.13 kg making it really light in weight. You can comfortably carry it to anywhere you visit because of the weight and also because of the compact weight. Its portability, sound quality and features make it a good buy at that price range.

9. DBEST PS4001BT Solo mini Bluetooth Speaker

dbest ps4001bt solo


Cherry Red and black combination always works and this speaker looks pretty good too in this combination. It plays music for a whopping 20 hours once you charge it for a maximum of 4 hours. The Lithium Polymer battery with input power of 5V is good enough for any music lover and when you can own this small little device at a price range of INR 1500 then it is all the more exciting. The Signal to Noise ratio is 80 dB with a frequency response of 180 Hz to 20000 Hz. If you have it wired up, then you will be able to enjoy up to 40 hours of music. This speaker has a frequency range of 15 meters.

10. Philips SBT 30 Bluetooth Speaker

Philips sbt30 bluetooth speaker


The Philips portable is compact and durable. As the portable comes with a built – in rechargeable lithium battery that let you enjoy your favorite songs for 8 hours. You can easily charge the product through cable provided with it. The speaker is portable with iPhone, smartphones, mp3 player and PCs. The advance audio sound performance will shake your body for dance on the floor.


If you are looking for speaker which is below INR 10000 then here are the options you can choose from. But if you go by the name and features, then JBL and Sony will be the best choice. You will get the Sony Bluetooth Speaker within INR 5000 so it is another important factor to take into account if you have budget constraints. If not, then JBL Bluetooth speaker which is red in color is also a great option.