10 Best 3G Wi-fi Routers Under Rs 3000

Wi-Fi has made it possible for people to move around freely while working on their Smartphones and tablets along with the PC. Now if you are going to the 3G wi-fi router then you will be able to enjoy even better speed and facilities. These small portable machines are a great way to stay connected all the time without worrying about the data package. All leading brands have come up with Wi-Fi routers and most of them are doing good business as well.

It is mainly due to the fact that they have kept the price quite reasonable. If you are getting routers from the big names under INR 3000 then it is a good sign for the users as they are able to make use of the products from the industry’s best names. While making your choice you must research on the speed of the Wi-Fi routers otherwise it is of no use in purchasing something which won’t serve you any business. Now go through the list of names mentioned below and make your selection.

1).D-Link DIR-505 All – in – One Mobile Companion router



It is a great support router with 150 Mbps Data rate. This speed will help you for optimum performance. The WPS button is designed for not only easy set up, but also for secured set up. Through a single click you will be able to create your own wireless network so that you can securely transfer your data. One fast Ethernet port is available along with a reset button. This is a wireless without modem and is available at a price of INR 1400. It has Wi-Fi hotspot button on top to make the router even more user friendly.

2).Hame A1



This small device comes with 1800 mAh battery that is enough to work with iPhones and Blackberry along with an Android phone. It has a battery indicator which will show you the status of the battery. Once the battery is fully charged it will work uninterruptedly for 4 hours. The data speed available from this one is 150 Mbps. It comes with an internal antenna and the other features and is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. It has 400 different types of 3G USB modem. This one also has power on and off button and it uses its patented software in here to serve its users better.

3).D-Link DIR – 506L 3G Cloud Router with power bank



You can purchase this d-link wi-fi router at a price of INR 2100. It is portable and it serves many functions which make sure that the speed gets boosted. The inbuilt battery provides you with power up to 4 hours. It is best for people who are always on the move as it can also be used as a charger too. It provides speed of 150 Mbps so that is good enough for making your work effortlessly on any platform that you like. This router is the wireless one that comes without a modem.

4).D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2 4 Port Wi-Fi Router



At a price of INR 1999 it provides you with speed of 300 Mbps. This ensures that you can download or maybe upload your data within seconds. You will find all relevant and important features in this router and in order to maintain the security it has provided you with integrated Firewall protection. D-Link wi-fi modem provides you enough flexibility to perform your task effortlessly. 4 ethernet ports are also made available so that you are provided with the alternatives if one port stops working. You can just plug in and forget about it while enjoying the blazing fast speed.




This device is priced at INR 2180 and helps in expanding the wireless coverage to the maximum. A Range extender mode is a great feature to have as it does happen sometimes that we need to move out of the range due to some reason. Then we have to stop the work that we have been doing in the middle, but if you can extend the range the problem will be solved. The login can be based on domain if you want to manage the service at an advanced level. 300 Mbps speed is provided by this device.

6).D-Link DWR – 730 HSPA + Mobile router



A very good portable machine at INR 3425 with ample features loaded on here.You will be able to connect it notebook to mobile broadband no matter where you are. This 3G connection will help you in staying connected through Wi-Fi. This also comes with modem and is perfect for people who are moving home. During that period a temporary net connection is required, therefore this will be a good option for you. It is not locked so it works just fine with data SIM cards.

7).Micromax 440 W Router with Power bank



This white piece of device is priced at INR 1530. It can create Wi-Fi hotspot easily and the battery of 4000 mAh Li-Ion battery supports it fully. Speed provided is 150 Mbps and you can pair up to 32 devices in total without affecting much. 4 MB of RAM is available with 1 LAN port. It is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, Linux and Mac. Internal antenna is there to serve better. For security purpose encryption makes a part of this small white device. You can carry this piece of device to anywhere you want.

8).D-Link DWR-113 3G Wi-Fi Router



You will get back up network and connection sharing features in this device for INR 1814. Sharing network with friends is also possible with HSPA + connection sharing. It also comes with portable mobile wireless and when your cable internet is not working, then no need to worry at all because this portable device will allow you backup of the connection. This one also needs to be plugged in to start its work and the LED indicator informs you with the status. It has 4 LAN ports and external antenna with encrypted security for better protection.

9).TP-LINK TL_MR3020 Portable 3G/3.75G/4G Wireless N router




You will get 3 working modes for INR 1441. This white box is an important device to work uninterruptedly and can also share 3G or even the 4G connection. The bandwidth control is IP based and tracks down how much bandwidth is consumed by each connection. Designing is made such that you can easily move around with the device comfortably without feeling the weight. The configuration of the security is simplified and standardized to make sure that the users are benefited the most. The designing is sleek and is compact enough to carry.

10).TP-LINK TL-MR 3220 3G/4G Wireless N Router



If you can dish out INR 1605 then you can make use of these types of Wi-Fi routers. It is highly compatible with USB modems. It comes with 3G connection as well as 4G connection. Encrypted security makes the work even better because you don’t have to worry about any security loophole. It comes with bandwidth control and the LED indicator is available for power, wireless, WAN, USB, etc. Windows 98SE, Linux, and MAC operating system is compatible with this device. The speed of the router is 150 Mbps with external antenna and 4 ports.


You can use the D-Link 3G wi-fi router because it is providing you with 300 Mbps of amazing speed at an affordable range. D-link is a trusted name in this business also so you can easily trust them to provide with best services.