philips sensotouch 3d rq1250 16 shaver for men

10 Best Philips Electric Shavers in India

If you are buying your first ever electric shaver, then you must trust the big names in the business like Philips. Then you can be sure about one thing and that is a great performance. If you are upgrading from your old razor then also the obvious choice seems to be Philips and for people who have been using this small piece of the device will definitely not part their ways with the brand because of the performance. But there is a small hitch here as well because of a wide variety of models it is quite easy to get confused about which one to choose. Whether you must go to the foil or rotary, wet or maybe the dry one, the decision is a difficult one to make.

Now don’t get confused instead decide what you want and then zero in on one device. If you are the one who likes to play around with the style of your mustache, then there is a device for that, but if you are looking for something which will help you shave quickly without any added features then you can go for the regular Philips electric shaver. If you are a really busy professional then the thing that will be of a great help to you is the dry shaving so you must go for the ones that will provide you just that. We are providing you with 10 best Philips Electric Shavers in India

1. Philips AT756 Shaver for men

philips aquatouch at756 shaver for men


If you want this complete waterproof electric shaver, then you have to pay Rs. 2899. It provides a comfortable shave and the AquaTec seal ensures that the device is completely waterproof. You can use shaving foam or gel in order to get that perfect shave or you can also go for the dry shave. It has a dual blade which facilitates smooth shaving. The blade system is such that it lifts the hair and cuts it with precision. The design is such that it adapts easily according to the face contour and the ergonomic grip helps the users to hold it with ease. It can also be used as a trimmer too.

2. Philips Aquatouch AT610 Shaver for men

philips aquatouch at610 14 shaver for men


You can get this Philips Aquatouch Shaver for just Rs. 1425. It provides very good skin protection and facilitates shaving with foam or gel both. If you are looking for a dry shave then you can use this machine as well. It is 100% waterproof and the CloseCut blades with rounded edges provides smooth shaving without any irritation. It comes with 2 year warranty, including the blade. In order to get 30 minutes of cordless performance you have to ensure that you have charged it completely for 10 hours.

3. Philips AT890/16 Shaver for men

philips aquatouch at890 16 shaver for men


For Rs. 3175 you will get clean shaving with foam or gel. If you have 2 day stubble, then wet shave will be more effective than the dry one. You will get smooth shave and after you are done with shaving even the maintenance is also simple. You just have to wash it with water and you are done. It is waterproof therefore you do not have to worry about anything while shaving or cleaning. You won’t get cut, which seem normal with regular shaving. The look of the shaver is also an added attraction and the rubber grip is quite comfortable to hold on.

4. Philips Aquatouch AT620 Shaver for men

philips aquatouch at620 14 shaver for men


In order to get this cordless device in your hand you have to dish out Rs. 1985. If you charge the battery completely then you can get almost as much as 45 minutes of cordless operation. If you are opting to close cut then you will get real close cut. Waterproofing makes it easily washable so keeping it clean is an easy matter now. Moreover, you can enjoy shaving with gel or foam quite comfortably. Even when you do not know the procedure to use the electric shaver you can just roll it over and you will get a comfortable shave at the end. If you want to trim and not shave then you can use the trimmer at the back get that perfect trimming done.

5. Philips PQ202 Saver for men

philips pq202 shaver for men


The Philips shaving machine is something that all men like to have in his grooming kit. It provides them with clean shave and the skin remains soft and is completely irritation free. The 100% waterproof feature enables the users to go for the wet shave with shaving foam or gel, but if you are in a hurry and want to dry shave then that option is also available. DualPrecision heads make it easier for getting that perfect shave and the flexing head adapts comfortably with the face contour.

6. Philips SensoTouch 3D RQ1250 16 shaver for men

philips sensotouch 3d rq1250 16 shaver for men

This device comes with not one or two, but three ways pivoting as well as flexing head. It will give you a comfortable shave without getting cut on your skin and even without any itchy sensation. It provides shaving experience of both wet and dry and that too with AquaTec. In fact, you will enjoy a comfortable, dry shave with this device and it will be as refreshing as the wet shave only. It is small and handy so it will be a perfect travel partner for you. The UltraTrack heads facilitates the shave and provides smooth shave.

7. Philips QS 6140 Style shaver for men

philips qs 6140 style shaver for men


You can make a style statement through your beard so it doesn’t matter whether you have a 3 day old beard or you want to get a clean shave, this small stylish looking styler will provide you just that and much more. You can use it as a trimmer to keep that stubble look which has made you so popular amongst girls or if you are bored with your tough beards then just say goodbye with the help of this electric shaver. There is a battery light present, which will inform you about the battery condition and 100% waterproof makes it easy for you to clean and also use while shaving with gel or foam.

8. Philips AT 750 16 Shaver for men

at750 16 shaver for men

If you have sensitive skin then it will be a great relief to have this Philips device with you as it’s a very good skin protector and provides completely smooth skin. If you are suffering from skin problems, then it is important that you go for the wet shave as it will provide enhanced comfort of your skin. The blades are designed in such a manner that it glides over the face contour smoothly to provide you clean shave. When you are using this for your shaving then one thing that you can be sure about is that you are about to get a refreshing shave.

9. Philips HQ902 Shaver for men

philips hq902 shaver

It is a basic electric shaver that provides you comfortable shaving. This is battery operated so you need to charge the battery completely before you get to use it to the optimized level. It is simple to use and gives you a close shave without any irritation. It is smooth on your skin and protects it from any kind of damaging. If you take a look at the device then you will be floored by its simplicity and the price of the product is such that it will fit in your budget easily. Moreover, as it is light in weight and not that complex either therefore it will fit in your travel bag quite conveniently.

10. Philips 3 headed HQ6970 shaver for men

philips 3 headed hq6970 shaver for men

It comes with reflex action which guarantees a close shave and that too in a comfortable way. The lift and cut technology is used in this device which facilitates really close shaving providing you a smooth skin after that. It is a good trimmer as well and ergonomic design initiates good gripping, making it easy for you to shave. The dual blade ensures that it lifts the hair from the skin and cut it to provide a close shave. Glides through your face as well as neck, but in order to maintain the top performance make sure that you change the heads after every two years.


Though all the shaving machines are good in its own respect, but if you really want to hit the jackpot then Philips SensoTouch will be a great buy for you. If you do not want to get any extra features other than the basic shaving then you can go for the normal HQ902 shaver.